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sound keeps cutting

Hi, can you tell me which areas?

The whole game i cant hear anything

so sad looks fun in beta

Sorry about that :( Beta is exclusively available for our Kickstarter & PayPal backers...

literally like beta doesnt exxist i unistalled and reinstalled

i think i prefer combat a but you need more people to decide because its close, considering how similiar they are

Ah, most people liked Combat B better, so that's what we are using now. You must like really really challenging games :D

Game looks great, love the art style and the direction it is going, but contoles are really bad and needs to be worked on.

Hi CoreMaster.

Can you please be more specific about the controls? Did you play using a keyboard or a controller?

Thank you for asking, I did play with keyboard, I dont have controller.

Oh ok, yes the game is better played with a controller, but we're looking to improve the keyboard controls as well. Thanks for the input.

Just discovered this, aside from the terrible load times I love everything about it. I really hope to see this game getting completed

Thank you @chuckkilly :)