Emi Evans - Suteki na Mono (Music Video)

Hello all! I hope you have Legrand Legacy’s launch date on JANUARY 24th marked on your calendar. While we’re counting down the days, please enjoy this music video by Emi Evans…

As mentioned in the previous update, Emi Evans sang for Nier Automata, so we’re honored that she’s lending her beautiful voice and enigmatic lyrics to our little game too.

Just for Fun

On a separate note, we just started learning the ropes on porting the game to Switch, and we needed something simple and small to test on it. What did we come up with?


Really it’s just for fun since we just need to test the system. Don’t be alarmed, we’re still working hard on the game itself, making sure that it’s every bit all of you esteemed backers deserve.

Have fun and see you on our launch day on JANUARY 24th!

-Revinia & the SEMISOFT team-

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