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Beta Eye Candies  

Hello all! We hope you’re having a grand time exploring Legrand Legacy's new Beta. If you can’t play it, fret not, we have A TON of new screenshots to share with you today. Also, since a picture is worth a thousand words, we'll keep words to a minimum here. 


You finally get to say hello to Scatia, the cold-hearted "century old witch", and everyone's favorite, Azzam. Your team is now complete!

Arkwora is just one of the many epic bosses you'll have to battle during your adventure in Legrand.

Recruit craftsmen, Scout Legendary Blacksmith, and restore Dumville back to it's former glory

Take your entourage around this (seemingly) idyllic fishermen's village, but knowing Finn & friends, troubles are bound to find them wherever they go...

Or maybe you prefer to trek through the lush yet forbidden Gwenelle Forest? Who knows what magical creatures you may find here...

New side quests are now available so don't be shy, talk to those townsfolk!

Let's see if you can put your war general hat on and come up with the best war strategies...

Your Beta Got Patched!  

While you weren’t looking, we’ve also released a new patch to balance the battles and fix some of the bugs and other issues that you have reported in our official Steam thread.

Noticed anything new in your game?

The full list of items that were updated is as follows:

+ Add particle war

+ Balancing war Ostia, Dumville

+ Balancing normal battle chapter 1-5

+ Fix bug Mamora Dourdi's Arcana

+ Fix Arcana - Eris

+ Fix Arcana level 2 - Finn, Aria, Kael, Azzam

+ Insert side quest images in chapter 3-6

+ Fix bug debuff/buff characters

+ Add buff/debuff on reserve characters

+ Fix position save/load game

+ Fix double character portrait on Live 2D scene

+ Fix bug mini games

+ Rebalance weight item

+ Rebalance enhancement

+ Rebalance drop loot

+ Fix channeling Klahmaran

+ Added new particle system Arcana and Grimoire

+ Fix colider in Dumville

+ Rebalance all bosses

Thanks for Reading

We hope you like how Legrand Legacy has progressed so far, especially since you got to see early art work in our previous Kickstarter updates that have now been implemented in the full game.

Thank you for reporting the issues you encountered in our official Steam thread ( Your feedback is really valuable because they help us make Legrand Legacy a better experience for everyone!

Now that you've met all 6 characters from Legrand Legacy, which one is your favorite?

-Revinia & the SEMISOFT team-

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